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Tips for moving in a 100+ degree temps

1. HIRE quality movers - look for a small LOCAL movers

(Stay away from craigslist and Van lines moving services)

2. Keep yourself hydrated

3. Staging and stacking your boxes will save the movers a lot of time

(Heavy boxes on the bottom and light boxes on top and keep same size boxes together )

4. Keep your movers hydrated

5. Buy mattress covers and have the movers put them on

6. Keep the AC on and keep the door open that the movers are using

7. Pack your fridge into a cooler

8. Suggest throwing away your old outdoor patio cushions and buying new ones

9. Make room for the moving truck before the movers arrive

10. After the move get rid of all cardboard boxes, quickly

(cardboard attracts crickets which in return will attract scorpions)

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